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3 interview questions to identify the right fit.

You’ve gone through numerous candidate interviews, and feel you found the perfect fit for the position and for your company. And then, a few months later, you realize that candidate isn’t, in fact, the “perfect” fit. If this scenario feels familiar, read on…

Getting to know the real person during the interview process is part science and part art.  At TalentSource, we do our best to take some of the guesswork out of the process by providing you with the most qualified candidates for your open positions. We want you to avoid a hiring mistake as much as you do! Knowing what questions to ask, and how to dissect answers is part of the science of the interview process.

The Smart Recruiting process at TalentSource is our secret to success, and a component of that success is key interview questions. The secret isn’t so much in the questions you ask, but in how the candidate answers them. For example, when asking a candidate why they want to work for your company, look for clues that tell you they’ve done some research about your company. Listen for canned answers and non-specific information. Also, does the candidate answer the question or do they simply talk?

Here are 3 key interview questions that will help you identify the right fit:

1. Ask about the steps they take in completing various tasks that are required for the job. This will give you valuable insight into the candidate’s thought process and will also allow you to see if they know the job…or just know how to answer questions. Here are some examples:

    • Explain to me the process you take in completing monthly reports.
    • What are the steps you take in compiling information for the annual report?
    • When delegating a new task to your assistant, what steps do you take to ensure they understand the project?

TalentSource Expert Tip: We like to ask what steps candidates take in making decisions. This shows us critical thinking skills and what organizational processes they apply to everyday tasks. Are their thoughts organized and the steps methodical, or do they seem to be spur-of-the-moment decision-makers fueled by putting out fires? Both processes can work well in different work environments.

2. How would their colleagues describe them? Use these answers to see how they align with your ideal candidate persona. If the ideal fit is lighthearted and energetic, look for keywords in the candidates’ answers that speak to this personality trait. Asking questions about motivation, goals, interests, skills, and culture will help you see the persona of whom you are interviewing. Here are some example questions:

    • What motivates you at work?
    • What are your personal goals outside of work?
    • What are you reading? How do you spend your free time?

TalentSource Expert Tip: We encourage all our clients to have a clear candidate persona. Much like developing a target audience in marketing, the client persona describes in detail who the perfect person is for the position and your company. Here is an article from the website Indeed that talks through this process.

3. How do they define hard work? In today’s corporate world, the definition of hard work varies. Hard work is an indicator of the speed and intensity that is your corporate culture. Asking a candidate how they define hard work and asking them to describe a time when they “worked hard” will show you if your expectations of a hard-working team match with the candidates. Think about if you need a hard-working employee that has a ‘get it done’ attitude or one that focuses on growth and knowledge to be more valuable to the company.

TalentSource Expert Tip: The notion of hard work varies greatly from industry to industry. We look for answers that give us a glimpse into the candidate’s passion, and not insight into how many hours the candidate works a week. Working hard and working smart are very different things.

Remember TalentSource is successful because of our partnership with clients like you. While removing the recruiting process from your daily tasks and bringing you the most qualified candidates, we save your HR department time, money, and frustration.  It’s all part of our Smart Recruiting process. Contact us at 574.968.8676 or to schedule a discovery call.