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Accounting, Banking, and Finance Skills for Your Resume

Are you a job seeker in accounting, banking, or finance feeling in the dark about what skills you need to impress an employer? Or maybe you are a professional looking to move up in your company. Here are the top 10 accountancy, banking, and finance skills that you may want to consider adding to your resume during your job search.

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Top 10 Accountancy, Banking, and Finance Skills

1. Training and education

Successful candidates must have specific education, training, and financial certifications to back up any work experience they have. A great resume without the proper credentials isn’t enough for a career in a sector ruled by rigorous processes and standards.

2. Interpersonal skills

Professionals in the field of finance are not bound to a cubicle, as they work with clients and teams on a daily basis. The ability to build successful relationships is critical for success.

3. Ability to communicate

It is extremely important as an accountant or banking professional to be able to explain financial jargon in simple terms to their clients and teammates. An ideal candidate will have the ability to make complex industry language clear to others who do not have extensive finance knowledge, as opposed to candidates who simply regurgitate what they’ve learned.

4. Aptitude for financial reporting

A candidate who wants to have a competitive edge will be able to effectively demonstrate the process of preparing documentation that discloses a company’s financial status to management, investors, and the government. Financial reporting skills are in high demand and can significantly increase your salary.

5. Analytical know-how

Having the ability to analyze scenarios and draw suitable conclusions is a valuable skill to have in finance and banking. Strategic thinking, big data, information technology, collaboration and leadership, and performance-driven results are all required skills and items involved in achieving a more strategic and analytic finance function.

6. Problem-solving skills

It is essential to have not only a solid knowledge of systems and processes, but also to be able to tackle complex problems as they arise. A key to growing your finance career is knowing how to address the financial implications of a complicated business structure or coming up with a personalized solution for a client’s banking dilemma.

7. Knowledge of IT software

With increased digitization and automation, more hiring managers are looking for financial candidates with savvy IT skills to leverage new financial systems. High demand candidates will have knowledge and competency in predictive analytics, accounts payable automation, SAP accounting software, or Oracle.

8. Management experience

Management experience is desirable for employers looking to hire a candidate for a leadership position within their company. Having a proven track record of the ability to manage teams during your career will put you at an advantage in your job search.

9. Business savvy

Candidates looking to get ahead in the year’s top finance jobs should have an understanding of the business world and/or an interest in industry trends. The knowledge on the relationship between a company’s fiscal behavior and marketplace demands is an impressive skill to share on your resume.

10. Capacity for innovation

Candidates who inspire innovation in the workplace will stand out in a pool of candidates. From creating a data-collection method to streamline productivity to a recording process that drives accuracy, innovative ideas would benefit you to have on your resume.

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