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Culture Fit: How to Find Your Perfect Company

Culture Fit is an important factor in job seeking and hiring – it is in the company’s and employee’s best interest to find a good match. Culture fit is one of the main qualities that employers look for in candidates. Research shows that culture fit leads to reduced turnover, cost savings, and happier, more productive employees. 

Do Your Research

If you are a job seeker trying to show culture fit during an interview, make sure to first do your homework on the company. Know what the company’s culture entails. Look on their website for their values and information on their environment. You should even find online reviews about the company and staff to see if you would mesh well. Most companies will have social media pages which many will use to highlight their employees, offices, and other details as well.

As a job seeker, when digging into company research, imagine yourself as a future employee of the company. Do the company’s values, work style, office environment, etc. match your own? This will help you identify if the company is a good fit for you and give you an idea of what points to touch on during an interview. 


Read this blog 125 Common Interview Questions to practice your answers for some of the most asked interview questions. When you think about your answers ahead of time, you will be more comfortable answering in the real deal, and you will be able to effectively showcase why you believe you are culturally fit for the company! Check out more interview tips from our blog post How to Ace the Interview!

Ask Questions

Asking questions during an interview is a good opportunity for the employer and candidate to further evaluate culture fit. This is the candidate’s chance to get a sense of how things operate day to day and prove how you would fit in there. 

Here are some helpful questions you may want to ask:

Be Honest

It is important to be honest with yourself about how well you fit in with the company. Demonstrating culture fit to the interviewer is important, but it is even more important that you find a job and company that fit your life. You do not want to try to fit a mold you weren’t made to fit. Trust your gut and find the right company for you.

Source: Glassdoor – How to Show Culture Fit in an Interview