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Business, Consulting, and Management Skills for Your Resume

Are you a job seeker with a background in business, consulting, or management? It’s important to include relevant abilities listed on your resume when trying to impress a recruiter or looking to move up within your company. Here are the top 10 skills from the business, consulting, and management sector that you should consider adding to your resume during your job search.

business and management skills for your resume

1. Excellent Communication

Taking on a role in business, consulting, or management requires excellent communication skills, as you will find yourself working with leaders across all departments and collaborating on many teams. List any previous experience on your resume that you’ve had communicating with coworker teams, clients, vendors, etc.

2. Negotiation

Good negotiation skills can be beneficial in many aspects of business. Negotiation can build relationships, deliver lasting, quality solutions, and help your firm avoid future conflicts. Demonstrate a time where you created a constructive interaction that resulted in a win-win for both parties.

3. Great Leadership

Great leaders are able to connect well with coworkers and clients, thus attaining objectives faster and being more productive. Have you ever held a position where you demonstrated leadership and were able to make good judgements in a timely matter, delegate tasks to your coworkers to achieve a goal, or been responsible for the outcome of a project or task? List this experience on your resume to demonstrate your leadership capabilities and help the recruiter envision you at their company.

4. Management

Being able to communicate clearly, coordinate and motivate staff members, and plan tasks for your organization are valuable management skills to have. Having a strong management skill set can be the difference between a poorly ran company and an outstanding one. Boost your resume by adding these key words and skills which will stand out to recruiters.

5. Critical Thinking

You will need to think critically in situations as a leader in any business. Critical thinking is valuable and can look like a lot of different scenarios in management settings. Show any examples where you solved a problem for a company, worked to achieve a goal under pressure, or had a great idea that set you apart from coworkers.

6. Data Analysis

In an ever evolving industry, there are tons of tools that can be used to analyze data. If you’re skilled at navigating these tools, it might just make you stand out above the rest. Power BI, R Programming, SAS, Google Ads, and social media insights are a few common industry data analytics tools that would bring a lot of value to your resume.

7. Financial Literacy

Being able to manage finances is important in consulting and management, as you may have to make financial decisions for a company on multiple occasions. Understanding a company’s finances can help the firm budget, decide on employee benefits, be able to negotiate effectively, understand purchasing decisions, fundraise, and so much more. There’s many ways you can demonstrate financial literacy for an organization – don’t leave these experiences out!

8. Emotional Intelligence

The ability to manage your own emotions as well as the emotions of others is important in any management or leadership role. Self-awareness and regulation will help you step back and look at situations from a different perspective and you help avoid careless, impulsive decisions. Having emotional intelligence will also allow you to motivate others and encourage them to take initiative in their own work. Lastly, empathy can help you better understand and recognize your coworkers’ and clients’ emotions and how they are affecting you and others at work.

9. Organization

As a manager for any company, you will be taking on many different responsibilities. It’s important to stay organized between tasks and be able to efficiently manage your workload. Delegating time in your schedule for work hours, meetings, trainings, etc., will ensure deadlines are being met and will even reduce stress. Discuss a job where you have effectively organized your time and responsibilities well and what it allowed you to accomplish in that role.

10. Trainability

Being trainable and being able to train others is a very valuable skill as it means you are learning and growing your team. This improves productivity and builds confidence for your organization as a whole. Make sure to include new skills you’ve learned or taught others on your resume to demonstrate trainability and how it improved a process in your past job.

If you’re seeking a career in management, consulting, or business, make sure to have these skills on your resume. These are great skills to practice at any position whether it’s in the industry or not, as they can be applied to any future job you may apply for. It’s important to review your resume before applying to a job to see how you can optimize it for the job you’re applying for, especially if you do not meet 100% of the job requirements for the position. Check out our open job positions at and apply today!

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