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Recruiting Services

We get it – people are your greatest asset.

Is recruiting keeping you up at night? Let TalentSource give you peace of mind! You need to hire the best talent and we identify the best talent.  We are recruiting experts and we do it well. We are known for delivering the right talent at the right time. Specializing in the technical and finance/accounting space, our service offerings include contract, contract-to-hire, and direct hire placement plus payrolling services. We do not want to just be a good recruiting partner; we want to be your best recruiting partner.

If you are looking to scale your team quickly and seamlessly, TalentSource is your premier recruiting partner and simply the best at what we do. We recognize it is hard for hiring managers to switch gears quickly every time hiring needs arise. At TalentSource, our goal is to develop a long-term partnership with each individual client. With a people-first approach, we strive to become an extension of your hiring team, so you can focus on your core business, and let us worry about recruiting. Our focus is quality over quantity. With a goal to present you with the best talent and service, we strive to provide you with three to five qualified candidates that you can select from to fill each opening. These candidates are extensively sourced and thoroughly pre-screened using targeted interview questions to ensure they are a good fit. Each search is conducted with a sense of urgency, integrity, and confidentiality. A successful search is a team effort, so we always ask our clients to provide timely feedback to keep the process moving and so we do not risk losing top talent. Simply put – we quickly deliver experienced talent ready to make an immediate impact on your business.

“82% of CEOs worry about talent and fear HR can’t do all that’s needed.”   - Kelly OCG

In this talent-driven market, you need every advantage available to attract the best talent. Working with TalentSource allows you to utilize our Smart Recruiting system to ensure you hire the best and the brightest talent available. This unique business model is backed by our Standing Operating Procedures Manual to ensure consistency and quality of our service offerings. Utilizing the latest technology, our dedicated team of recruiters are the best in the industry and are incredibly diligent in their approach. The foundation of our Smart Recruiting system is to not leave any stone unturned. Placing professionals all over the United States, we thrive on difficult searches and live and breathe recruiting. We pride ourselves on being tenacious, and we do not give up until we identify the best hire for your hard-to-fill job openings. We focus on the best and the brightest people who have a responsible, solid, and successful record of accomplishment.

“Global talent shortages are at an all-time high, with 77% of organizations reporting difficulty in hiring for open roles” - Manpower Group (February 2024)

TalentSource can quickly respond to your immediate recruiting needs by utilizing our robust state-of-the-art database, in addition to many other customized recruiting sources. We recognize the importance of networking and offer a lucrative referral bonus plan. The TalentSource Smart Recruiting business model we have built is a solution you can count on.

Smart Recruiting Services

Part of our Smart Recruiting approach is to ensure our candidates evaluate the entire career package when presented with an offer from our client. This includes not only compensation but also employee benefits, growth potential, culture, any bonus potential, work-life balance, quality of office space & location, and other unique features/perks our client has to offer. Most of the professionals we place are gainfully employed, so working with a third party such as TalentSource provides many benefits. It allows you to target specific candidates and/or competitors you may not be comfortable approaching. Third-party representation is also critical if you have a highly confidential search. Negotiating offers with candidates, as a middle party, is another great benefit of working with a third party to ensure the process goes smoothly and your offers of employment are accepted. Relocation assistance can be part of our offerings, as well. Objectivity in candidate evaluation also helps give our clients peace of mind.

Our proven search techniques give you access to a wide range of options:

Let us help you scale and flex staffing with your changing business demands and to quickly meet sudden spikes in hiring. We understand your hiring needs and priorities can change overnight and that it is often easier to get approval to hire a contract employee than adding to your perm headcount. With change being the only constant in today’s business world, start and end dates are up to you, and we can pivot whenever needed. This solution provides you with the option to convert a contract employee to a direct hire position, as you see fit. As an interim solution or contract-to-hire arrangement, TalentSource is always here to help and can place a wide range of technical and accounting/financial professionals in contract positions to meet your growth and cyclical needs.
As a TalentSource policy, criminal background investigation is conducted on all contract employees. Drug testing and skills assessments are available, upon request.

Do you have a vacant position that is costing you money? Do you need to hire quickly, so business is not disrupted? Let us help. We thrive on each new difficult search, with a sense of urgency, to ensure turn-around time is on point. Our Smart Recruiting system allows us to identify niche talent quickly and are 100% committed to filling your critical opening with the best talent available. Our Rockstar team excels at finding winners for our clients.

Is a critical executive-level opening disrupting your business? TalentSource is here to help. With this outsourced arrangement, a dedicated search team is created to fill a position in a short and specified period. Weekly status updates are provided to ensure communication and client feedback are timely and on point. Third-party representation lets us target specific professionals and/or competitors to ensure you hire the best talent for your critical executive level need. With your commitment, our Smart Recruiting System allows us to deliver the best talent in a timely manner.

Do you have a candidate identified with whom you want to help you on a contract basis? Are there retirees you want to bring back for a special project? As a full-service recruiting firm, TalentSource can help. We will add them to our payroll, to provide you with flexibility when you need it.

As People Helping People, let us know how we can help you hire the best talent for your critical hard-to-fill openings. Fill out the form on our contact page to get in touch with a member of the TalentSource team!